When we purchased the building we knew there was plenty of space to be comfortable and functional, it just needed to be rearranged and updated with a consistent and updated color scheme. When asked by a local paper at the ribbon cutting ceremony in September of 2009, Mike offered some insight into their plan and motivation,  “Our overall goal was to transform the complex to better serve the community.”  “We wanted to create a comfortable and functional space for families to gather with relatives and friends to grieve their loss and celebrate the life that has been lived,” said Verdun.  “The families we have served over the past year and others who have been in the building recently, since completing the project, have given us very positive feedback about the colors, furnishings, and layout of the building.”  The goal was not just to put new finish on what was there, but to provide spaces that make people feel “at home” during what can be a very difficult time. 


The building now offers a spacious visitation and service room along with a family lounge where refreshments are made available during all visitations.  There is a fireplace parlor which is very suitable to more intimate conversations or reflective moments for family members who might want a little time away from the other gatherers. 


A luncheon facility has also been added to provide a space for families to arrange for food to be offered on site following a funeral or memorial service.  Fare from local restaurants, bakeries and delis may be selected to create just the menu the family wants from simple cake and punch gatherings, a complete soup, sandwich and salad luncheon to a meal with hot selections.  The room is also available, as a resource, to community groups who might need to have a function and need a place to meet.


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