Service Packages

We offer a complete range of services and merchandise to our families all at very competitive prices.  We are careful to offer complete ala carte pricing so that you are only paying for the service options that best suit your family and its needs in paying tribute to the lives of your loved ones and laying them to rest.  We can help you to plan a simple ceremony or an elaborate event as it may fit with the wishes and needs of each individual family.  No matter the extent of any service selections and plans they are carried out with dignity and respect to the deceased, the surviving family members and all of the visitors and friends.


Package Offerings:


Simple Burial


Burial with Graveside Service


Burial with One Day Visitation and Service


Burial with Full Service


Simple Cremation


Cremation with Graveside Service


Cremation with One Day Gathering and Memorial Service


Cremation with Full Service


These packages are among the most commonly chosen by families, and are not intended to limit your creativity.  We will help you to plan exactly the type of service and interment that you feel would best commemorate and celebrate the life that has been lived and provide family and friends an opportunity to gather for an appropriate farewell.


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